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Takeaways from the Smarter Data Meets CX conference

Mike Taylor and Hannah Tarbotton recently attended Marketing Association's Smarter Data Meets CX conference and shared their key event take outs.

Innovation and Renovation in the Face of a Recession

Amidst inflationary pressures and recession fears, 84% of New Zealand business leaders are pushing ahead with digital transformation projects. Here are three priorities to navigate innovation in uncertain times.

Designed to Perform: Inclusive Design

Inclusive design is an approach that considers users' diverse needs and abilities, including those with disabilities, the elderly, and people with varying levels of digital literacy. It's not only a social responsibility but also a catalyst for innovation and competitive advantage.

Designed to Perform: The narrowing UX experience

With rounded corners and floating buttons, web design is starting to look a lot like native apps, and in 2023 this trend is showing no signs of stopping.

How Acme Supplies Reshaped the B2B Experience and Achieved 150% Growth in Online Sales

When Hawkes Bay stationery giant Acme Supplies partnered with BBT to digitalise their business, understanding what mattered to a B2B buyer was paramount. Mike Taylor discusses how the team successfully digitalised and transformed the B2B customer experience.