What’s better than a map? Guides by your side.

Digital transformation may sound daunting and ambiguous (for good reasons – 68% of enterprises do not achieve their ROI goal1), but with pragmatic roadmap planning and stakeholder enablement, success is closer than you think.

  1. 2021 Everest Group Study

Prepare for transformation success

Preparing for digital transformation involves planning how a company will evolve their digital products and setting clear milestones and goals.

A well-designed digital roadmap involves input from relevant stakeholders across the organisation – from executives that set the strategic direction to end-users of the digital product. In our experience, the technical understanding of a client’s existing digital infrastructure and solution feasibility is equally vital as the organisation’s readiness for change and upskilling. In addition, to maximise project success, the roadmap needs to be ambitious and technologically sound, pragmatic, minimise risks, and have built-in opportunities to learn, adapt and take people on a journey that clearly articulates how their pain points will be resolved.


Your digital roadmap warm-up

At BBT, we’ve delivered digital transformation for diverse clients. Here are some of the starting points we recommend you think of and do for roadmap success.


Think about who will contribute to the overall success of your project


Define what success looks like to each of your stakeholders and as a whole


The Minimum Viable Products (MVP) and how they may influence the roadmap trajectory


Think holistically about the digital product and how it may impact the parts of your business that are not direct end-users


Organisation attitudes and comfort levels on change and the resources that may be needed to educate and enable teams of varying digital capabilities

Toyota Financial Services embraces digital transformation

Toyota Financial Services partnered with BBT on a multi-year roadmap of transformation and innovation. Our close collaboration looks at opportunities for business change through performance-centric digital solutions and meets the goal of a frictionless experience that puts its customers at its core.


Turn your ambitions into actions; we’ll help

When you’re ready to create a digital roadmap that delivers, we’ll be the guide (and more) by your side. With experience in creating a digital transformation that performs, we can help make sense of your business needs, prioritise milestones, and design MVPs that provide quick wins and learnings. Not only can we help design your roadmap, but we also build and implement the solution at scale.