Every leap begins
with a jump.

Does your current way of doing things enable you to tackle the challenges of the future? Digitise and automate your workflow to increase efficiency, customer satisfaction, and staff fulfilment; we’ll help.


Automate the boring work

Depending on your business and organisation, the digitalisation process will differ and require not only a change in approach but also mindsets. As the upfront effort can be high, from change management to the additional workload of digitising manual processes and data, effective communication of the benefits will need to be a priority. Early engagement of the relevant stakeholders to gain their views on ways of working and pain points is essential to gain buy-in and ultimately help with digitalisation success.


Your digitalisation and automation warm-up

At BBT, we’ve helped organisations of varying digital maturity evolve; here are starting points we recommend you think about and do for digitalisation success.


Map out your current processes - information such as frequency, user habits, digital capabilities and how it impacts other operations are helpful starting points.


Pain points of user groups


Culture and attitude to digital change


Resources needed to facilitate change for both education/ training and the workload of digitisation


Digital roadmap

Creating eAcme for New Zealand’s B2B stationery giant

Acme is the exclusive New Zealand importer and distributor of major international brands of superior quality office products and hand tools. To create a leading digital experience for their customers, we worked with the team to redesign the end-to-end journey of their B2B e-commerce platform and ensured optimum usability and customer satisfaction.


Turn your ambitions into actions; we’ll help

When you’re ready to digitalise and automate, we’ll make the leap by your side. With a holistic approach and experience in creating digital transformations that perform, we can help ease the friction of digitalisation, gain clarity of processes and workflow, and derive value from your investment now and into the future. Not only can we guide your organisation’s digitalisation, but we can also build your system and automation securely and at scale.