More than an architect - design, integrate and optimise your digital infrastructure.

As your organisation grows and becomes more complex, the software and processes designed to save you time can start to bog you down. Accelerate growth and enable your staff with streamlined system integrations that support your business ambitions; we’ll help.


Rewiring your digital platforms

Have you ever flipped a switch in a house, but nothing happens? Unfortunately, a poorly designed integration is like that, where processes aren’t in sync and become even more cumbersome than the legacy system. For integrations to be successful and deliver on efficiency goals, it is imperative to first have data visibility for the entire organisation, engage with stakeholders that will use and benefit from the system, and have a clear understanding of data flows.

Any system integration also needs to be designed for the future. This includes beyond just scalability but the type of software(s) that might be in the pipeline. Like a house, it can be costly and time-consuming to rewire every few years, so estimate what capacity might be needed to support growth, the requirements of new technologies, and changes in your users’ needs.


Your systems integration warm-up

At BBT, we’ve designed solutions of varying complexities and here are some starting points we recommend you think about and do for systems integration success.


Consider your digital ecosystem and data flow


Define your automated responses and event-driven architecture


Engage with your stakeholders to better understand any new digital products that might be implemented in the future and their technical requirements


Rate of organisational growth (or fluctuations) and how this might impact load and scalability


Determine rate-limiting steps in current processes and operation

HazardCo is digitalising health and safety

Since its inception in 2007, HazardCo has had the ambition to shake up how health and safety are managed and embarked on a journey to bring it into the digital era. Working collaboratively with their Auckland and Melbourne teams, we overhauled their end-to-end user experience, gained customer insights through advanced analytics, and launched into new international markets.


Turn your ambitions into actions; we’ll help

When you’re ready to upgrade your systems, we’ll be your architect (and more). With a holistic approach and experience in creating digital transformations that perform, we can help make sense of your organisational data and workflow management and gain clarity on how your staff and customers use data now and in the future. In addition, we can help design your system integration and build and implement the solution securely and at scale.