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Since opening its doors in 1989, Toyota Financial Services (TFS) has grown to be one of the largest motor vehicle finance companies in New Zealand. From finance options for vehicles, yachts or dinghies to personal loans, TFS' success in growing its offerings has resulted in an unprecedented volume of customer enquiries, needs and bottlenecks.

The Challenge

How can we create a frictionless user experience that nurtures each customer’s financial journey?

To provide best-in-class customer-centric financial services to a wide range of customer demographic and needs, TFS embarked on a digital transformation journey with BBT.
Financial products are complex, and variables like loan conditions, customer needs and macroeconomic factors contribute to hyper-personalised offerings.

In the multi-phased roadmap, the immediate job was to resolve their customer pain point of personal data access. The challenge for the teams at TFS and BBT was to create a digital solution that enables customers to 'self-serve' their most common requests while ensuring it is accessible, intuitive and easy to use.

The Approach

To create a performance-centric digital solution, the BBT team synthesised steering ideas that focused on what mattered most.


Previously, the only way customers could access their loan information, update their details, and make queries was via phone or email. It became clear that although many of the inbound enquiries were repetitive, time-consuming and created bottlenecks, they were also straightforward. However, the existing infrastructure could not be adapted for customer-facing use; therefore, new vendors that meet specific requirements were needed.


This was a high-investment project with a complex set of variables. Our product roadmap included Minimum Viable Products (MVP) that focus on resolving specific, immediate pain points whilst providing quicker value-add to TFS. MVPs also open opportunities for learning customer responses and their impact on business operations.

Operational efficiencies

By empowering customers to self-serve at scale, one of the key priorities was to reduce the number of inbound calls to the customer services team whilst improving the experience.

Design and Experience (UI/UX)

With a diverse range of customers, the web solution needed to be easily accessible and user-friendly for everyone. In a practical sense, this meant keeping the design simplistic yet modern and on-brand, pairing back decorative components to declutter. Where possible, we added a local touch to the global brand, such as the graphical features of New Zealand's iconic landmarks.

For customers that use multiple TFS products, we designed the dashboard to show all loans at a glance, allowing users to easily toggle and see more detailed information. In addition, the dashboard components are stackable and optimised for every screen size, the buttons are touch-friendly, and we used high-contrast colours to assist with readability.


Product and Development

In the initial stages of development, both an app and a web-based solution were considered. Then, factors like costs, speed-to-market, device compatibility, customer usage frequency and behaviour were balanced to create an agile digital product that can integrate with the current ecosystem.

The solution: a web-based customer-facing retail portal employing a best-in-breed tech stack.

Our products and development team worked closely with TFS to create a customer dashboard that simplifies the intricate nature of financial products, enabling customers to gain clear visibility of factors like interest rates and repayment conditions. The web-based application integrates with TFS’ internal finance system allowing customers to easily pull up the information they needed in real-time, and make edits and changes without the need to contact customer service.

Conversion Optimised


In the soft launch of the new portal, customers were invited to use and provide feedback prior to a broader roll-out. Almost immediately, the customer service centre saw a significant decrease in inbound calls and wait time. The teams have also received positive feedback on the convenience and ease of use. The success of the MVP resulted in a quick win for TFS and continues to provide valuable insights to the product, design, and development teams for future iterations and innovations.

The story continues

BBT has widened its partnership with Toyota Financial Services, and we've embarked on a multi-year roadmap of transformation and innovation. Our closer collaboration will look at opportunities for business change through performance-centric digital solutions and meet the goal of a frictionless experience that puts its customers at its core.
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