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With a well-crafted customer experience (CX), every interaction is an opportunity to delight your customers, tell your story, be helpful, and nudge them towards a desired action or goal. In a dynamic digital and physical landscape, consistently delivering an optimal experience is key to growth and success.

Poster Concept - Artwork Only 1 (10)
Poster Concept - Artwork Only 1 (10)

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Create a journey that inspires, motivates and converts

For many organisations, customer journeys can be an afterthought – an accumulation of legacy processes that creates a disjointed experience and friction for the customer. In CX design, it is essential to consider your goals and priorities at each touch point and the customers’ functional and emotive needs.

Starting with user or customer personas and understanding their empathy map at each journey stage will help you design a path that builds relationships and retains engagement. From brand visuals and messaging to the placement of buttons, every part of the experience needs to provide the right push and pull to help your user navigate and make a decision or action. An optimum journey is rarely static and may evolve with your business priorities. A/B testing, heat mapping, and other fundamental data analytics will help your marketing, product, or design teams understand drop-off rates and lower barriers to conversion and acquisition costs.


CX Workshop

A full-day workshop led by BBT senior managers to redesign your customer experience. Develop user personas and journey maps, and receive data-driven recommendations that help improve your CX to deliver business goals.


Our CX and journey design capabilities

Qualitative and quantitative research
Journey optimisation
CRM integration
Landing page A/B testing
First-party data strategy
Digital analytics

Millbrook Resort went above and beyond through digital

With multiple awards and countless amenities, the luxury resort needed a way to showcase the wide range of Millbrook propositions to prospective guests. In a highly competitive and crowded marketplace of destination resorts, the team’s digital investments had to show clear returns not just in sales conversion but also add value to the entire customer experience.


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