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First-party data is often referred to as the antidote for when cookies say their final goodbye in 2024. In a privacy-first digital ecosystem, marketers will need to work harder and smarter to personalise and convert.

Chances are you have already experienced the decrease in efficiency and accuracy of your digital advertising – with Apple’s new privacy features in iOS and ad blockers in many modern browsers, cost-per-acquisition is higher now than ever before.

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Poster Concept - Artwork Only 1 (9)

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Make first-party data your competitive advantage

In a study by Google and Boston Consulting Group, brands with mature use of first-party data in their marketing saw between a 1.5 – 2.9x increase in revenue and a 1.5x increase in cost savings.

To fully embrace the future of digital marketing, you’ll need to begin by thinking about your first-party data strategy. Consider the business goals you are trying to achieve, what value you will add to your customers in exchange for their data, how your organisation will utilise the gained data, and how you will continuously improve and optimise.

Equally important is understanding privacy regulations and data security and ensuring your permission terms and conditions are comprehensive for your intended use.


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HazardCo increased lead generation by 280%

Since its inception in 2007, HazardCo has had the ambition to shake up how health and safety are managed and embarked on a journey to bring it into the digital era. Working collaboratively with their Auckland and Melbourne teams, we overhauled their end-to-end user experience, gained customer insights through advanced analytics, and launched into new international markets.


Turn your ambitions into actions; we’ll help

When it’s time to create your first-party data strategy, we’re ready to be your guide. Our experience working with client marketing teams to acquire, analyse and utilise data will help give your ambitions a head start. Furthermore, we’ll help you create an always-on approach and security solutions that automate and protects your valuable data.