Make insights the fuel that powers you forward

Data is perhaps one of the most frequently used buzzwords in recent times. From understanding your customers’ behaviours to predicting emerging trends and actions, it’s the magic dust marketers, sales, and product owners have endeavoured to use, but with mixed success. Your digital touchpoints are a treasure trove of data waiting to be turned into insights, but knowing what metrics are helpful to your decision-making and how to navigate fast-evolving privacy settings will be key. It’s time to embrace the numbers; we’ll help.


Set, digest, and optimise

Customers’ interactions with your digital touchpoints are opportunities to learn more about your marketing messages’ effectiveness and value propositions and even generate ideas for product innovation. Depending on your current digital set-up, you maybe starting from or have some data ready to be digested. Set up your analytics across the digital lifecycle, from your ads to website pages, apps, and marketing automation, and visualise the data to gain actionable insights.

A well-created data visualisation system will give your organisation real-time tracking of digital effectiveness and business health, validate hypotheses, and help with better data-supported decision-making.


Your data analytics and visualisation warm-up

At BBT, we’ve helped organisations turn their data into actionable insights. Here are some starting points we recommend you think and do to better understand and utilise your analytics.


Ensure data analytics is set up across your digital touchpoints


Consult with your sales, marketing, and product teams to better understand the goals of your customers’ digital lifecycle


Determine the metrics that matter by first understanding the desired action(s) from your users at each touchpoint


Communicate and educate your stakeholders on the metrics and KPIs early


Integrate data-driven insights into your decision-making process

Ambitious, creative and customer-centric.

There are just some of the words we use to describe our clients


Turn your ambitions into actions; we’ll help

When you’re ready to make sense of your data, we’ll be on standby to power you forward. With a holistic approach and experience in turning insights into concrete directions, we’ll help your organisation make impactful decisions.