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Cure Brain Cancer Foundation (CBCF) is the leading voice for brain cancer research, advocacy and awareness in Australia. With the goals of rapidly increasing brain cancer survival, improving the quality of life for people living with this disease, and the vision of finding a cure, their work is nothing short of life-changing. CBCF approached BBT with the challenge of revitalising its digital presence, engaging with its wider community, and enhancing touchpoints to create a best-in-class user experience.

The Challenge

How can CBCF's digital touchpoints evolve with the foundation and increase stakeholder engagement?

The not-for-profit sector in Australia is large, diverse, and competitive. With more than 600,000 organisations, including approximately 5,000 trusts and foundations (1), it was important for CBCF to continue telling their stories and foster strong relationships with donors and stakeholders. CBCF's existing website was outdated and did not have the required capabilities to allow the foundation to grow. They were looking for a digital solution that could adapt and develop with the foundation and be implemented over time while also having the features needed to support their community.

The Approach

To create a performance-centric digital solution, the BBT team synthesised steering ideas that focused on what mattered most.


After understanding CBCF's ambition with the new website and the types of content and fundraising events needed, we created benchmarks using sites from the same sector. Then, to deliver a compelling experience that places the audience at its core, we created user personas to help structure a logical and accessible information architecture.

Community engagement

Traditionally engagement for the not-for-profit sector relied heavily on face-to-face interactions, providing an easy donation process for the donors, a quick explanation of charity goals and successes, and an overall emotive experience. Whilst customers and donors increasingly preferred online access to the foundation, the experience needed to remain personalised and meaningful.


As with most charities, CBCF's work is made possible by the generosity of its members and donors. A top priority of the new website was therefore not only to make donations seamless but also to look at new engaging ways to make it fun and topical.

User Interface Design and Experience

With a wealth of content and engagement opportunities, we designed the user interface to provide easy wayfinding. We used the personas developed during discovery to create a secondary menu that displays intent based directory, while the main navigation bar provided standard page categories and information. Each user intent was assigned a colour that helped to be a visual bookmark, and meta navigation was added to promote standalone campaign and event pages. Finally, we provided guidance on the photography style that will work well with the web UI whilst showing the energy and vibrancy that is on-brand.


Product and Development

Our development team started with a review of their digital operations, created a roadmap for their requirements, and planned the roll-out in stages. We found that while there were existing CRM and Financial Accounting systems in place, they were separate from one another, so we needed to build an API infrastructure to ensure a seamless customer experience. We delivered an outright overhaul and created a new website that integrated all of their systems and ensured minimal backend administration for CBCF. In addition, we included several features to benefit the community, such as eCommerce donation capabilities, educational guides,

events calendars, and customer portals for users to log in and see their donations, events and fundraisers with the charity. CBCF has a well-engaged community of active supporters, and we developed an individual and team-based fundraising system. When groups of people fundraise for a specific cause or campaign, they can create individual shareable pages to promote their participation, collect donations, and have the amount contributed to the team page. As the individual or team gains traction, they earn badges and celebrate their success on the leaderboard.

Digitally transformed


The digital transformation has transformed how CBCF interacts with their vast customer base and reimagines how they tell its story. There are now more ways to engage and contribute to CBCF, from automated donation processes and on-demand resources to automated nurture communications.

The story continues

It is now easier for CBCF's supporters to create fundraiser events using their logins, build online communities, and make a difference. The new platform reduced the amount of administration work for the foundation, enabling the team to focus on what matters - supporting those living with the disease, fostering relationships, and ultimately finding a cure for brain cancer. To learn more about brain cancer, CBCF, and how you can engage or donate, go to 1 Philanthropy Australia,
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