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Designing the next chapter: BBT’s new visual story

More than just a pretty face - our new brand design focuses on what we stand for today and how we can help our clients tackle the challenges of tomorrow.

BBT has grown a lot in recent years; before the pandemic, our team was at twenty-six, and today we edged over fifty across three offices. With growth came new perspectives and expertise, and over time we asked ourselves; what do we stand for today, and how can we help our clients tackle the challenges of tomorrow?

Everyone at BBT, whether they are our designers, developers or digital specialists, strives to create performance-centric solutions for our clients. We champion our clients’ ambitions and together bring them to life, driving change, moving and shaking the BAU. When it was time to look forward and create new brand visuals for BBT, we focused on three things; our clients, movement and impact.

Our clients are the protagonists

Our brand purpose is to unbound bold ideas and empower our clients through performance-centric digital solutions. Our clients are at the core of what we do, and the new brand visuals showcase their ambitions, challenges, and success. We created a collage system that shows what success looks like to our clients – whether it is a golfer enjoying the Queenstown sun or a tradie working in a safe environment. This is overlaid with distinctive UI assets our team has created for the client, key achievements such as percentage growth or deliverables, videos, and BBT’s own brand assets, representing the partnership and journey shared.


Change is in the waves


Another distinctive component of our new visuals is the textural waves. We created four waves representing our core offerings; digital transformation and automation, digital products, digital customer experience, and digital and business performance. The waves show movement, and the innovative, dynamic nature of digital solutions, adding layers of depth and visual coherence across our web, print and social media.


BBT Fuel – inspirations that power forward bold ideas


The team at BBT are always thinking of clever digital methodologies, staying abreast of the latest trends, and coming up with helpful guides that can help businesses transform their every day. Whether our web visitors are a client of ours or friendly strangers, our blogs, e-books, or opinion pieces will help fuel their ambitions. Hence with our brand refresh, we’re introducing a new sub-brand, BBT Fuel. The sub-brand is built as part of the core BBT brand yet differentiated by its unique design components.

As we complete the roll-out of our new designs on digital channels, we’re excited to also implement it at physical touchpoints – such as our new offices coming in 2023. We look forward to hosting events at our new premises and welcoming new and existing clients to join us for a cup of coffee (or wine and beers!).