Hannah Young, UX/UI Designer, joins the Digital Products team and brings her experience with B2C websites and e-commerce to the company. “When approaching design, I like to think of the customers’ total experience. From the moment a customer engages with a brand’s digital touchpoint right up to navigating the website and converting, design’s role is more than just the aesthetics but all the nudges and hooks as well,” says Hannah. By joining BBT, Hannah looks forward to working on digital products that advance her UX capabilities, “I am super passionate about creating designs that are equally beautiful as it is functional. At BBT, I’m excited to play a part in creating amazing products that put the user at its core and are delightful to use.”

Founder and CEO Mike Taylor has been impressed with Hannah’s work but, more importantly, her mindset. “We often say to our clients, digital products need to be more than just pretty; they need to help the customer achieve their goals and, in turn, deliver to their business objectives,” says Mike. “Hannah has impressed us with her design sensibilities, and her performance-centric mindset aligns with us very well. I can’t wait to see her contribute to our client projects and grow alongside our business.”

Grace Davies interned at Fisher and Paykel Healthcare prior to joining BBT. Now, as the Junior Digital Executive, Grace looks after a portfolio of clients providing analytics and online conversion optimisation support. “Having previously worked in more traditional marketing, it’s refreshing to see how quickly the team here responds and optimises customer journeys to improve digital performance,” says Grace. “I started my own business during the lockdown and can empathise with our clients’ need for results and visibility on how their advertising or customer experience is performing.”

Head of Digital Performance Hannah Tarbotton says Grace’s digital intuition will help our clients thrive in the dynamic economic environment. “More than ever, our clients need their digital investments to provide tangible impact. Having only started with us recently, Grace is already helping our clients optimise their websites, deriving actionable insights that help our design team create interfaces that convert,” says Hannah. “I look forward to working with her and supporting her digital career ambitions.”