• +280% new leads
  • +207% new customers
  • -58.5% cost-per-lead
HazardCo is revolutionising health and safety through digital innovation Since its inception in 2007, HazardCo has had the ambition to shake up how health and safety are managed and embarked on a journey to bring it into the digital era. Working collaboratively with their Auckland and Melbourne teams, we overhauled their end-to-end user experience, gained customer insights through advanced analytics, and launched into new international markets.
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The Challenge

How can digital transformation help revolutionise health and safety practices?

The residential construction sector comprises both large organisations and small businesses. The work is physically demanding, project managers are time-poor, and staff can be at varying levels of their careers. It became clear that to increase buy-in and promote good health and safety behaviour, HazardCo’s solution needed to be intuitive yet engaging, frictionless and integrated at every stage of the digital touchpoint. Furthermore, the platform was to be designed in a way that helps generate insights and analytics of the site visitors and user base.

The Approach

The HazardCo team had a novel app-based solution that will make health and safety tasks easier, intuitive, paperless, and with expert resources available on demand. To scale the idea and roll it out across multiple markets, we co-created an iterative roadmap that allows continuous innovation and improvements whilst meeting short and long-term business goals.


We began by understanding HazardCo's business and operational goals through facilitating discovery workshops with their Senior Leadership, Marketing, Sales, and Customer Services teams. By bridging the gap between desired outcomes and technical solutions, all while keeping the customer and end-user in mind, we were able to ensure the digital product provides value to the wider business and demonstrates a return on investment early on.

Digital roadmap

The digital roadmap needed to showcase proofs-of-concept, optimise learning, and ultimately lead to HazardCo's vision of transforming health and safety practices. HazardCo's customers of tradies, team leaders, and construction project managers were at the core of our planning, and the roadmap took an agile approach, building a frictionless experience based on usage analytics.


To get closer to the customer, our team went beyond looking at the analytics. We sat with the customer centre staff to understand the frequently asked questions and the sales team to paint a better picture of product use cases, pain points, and barriers to adoption. The stories from staff directly interacting with the buyers and end users help us further contextualise our data and generate meaningful insights for our designers and developers.

User Interface Design

By defining the various customer personas and deep diving into their pain points, BBT redesigned and structured HazardCo’s website to better engage and articulate its product offerings. Robust customer journey maps were developed based on targeted personas’ needs and path-to-purchase. We focussed on a human-centric site design, articulating the value propositions of HazardCo’s offering in an approachable and easily understandable way.

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Customer Experience

Customers engage with the HazardCo product in many ways, depending on their workplace needs, age and job role. To ensure a seamless user experience, we innovated and iterated the journey across the website, members' web portal, apps, advisory speed-dial services and email marketing. We created a system that fully integrates CRM, SaaS, finance, and marketing automation, allowing the customers to engage with HazardCo frictionlessly through the channels they prefer.

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Digital Performance

To better understand the diverse range of users, we collaborated with HazardCo's sales and customer support team to understand typical drop-off points and then added advanced analytics that enabled us to pinpoint the barriers to lead generation. Iterative A/B testing on methods of interaction and product offerings refined and improved the level of site engagement. We adapted written content to digestible video alternatives for time-poor tradie audiences, which increased time spent and nurtured users through our lead generation funnel. We then adjusted the UX/UI to lower the friction and increase conversion.

Conversion Optimised


With the relaunched HazardCo website, the company successfully penetrated the residential construction sector in Australia and New Zealand, increasing the number of app downloads across its user base. Through continuous improvements and iterations, the cost-per-lead decreased 58.5%, new leads increased by 280% (February to August 2021), and a 207% YOY growth in customer acquisition between March 2021/2022.

The story continues

Our partnership with HazardCo has just begun. BBT's design, development, and digital teams collaborate with their product and marketing teams to innovate new features and functionalities. With ongoing projects to enhance optimisations, launch into new markets, and provide the best-in-class digital solutions, we're excited to be the company's strategic partner and help make construction safer and easier worldwide.
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