It was a great idea – build a stock photo website that featured New Zealand faces and Kiwi culture. But could the site be built to have completely automated processes, while remaining easy to maintain?

Pixipic came to us with an idea. Because stock photo models all tend to look the same, and don’t represent the unique blend of cultures that make up New Zealand, why not build a stock image library using Kiwi models? The idea was a good one, we just had to bring it to life.




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Pixipic achieved a page one Google ranking within one month of going live, instantly driving traffic for our targeted keywords. The Instagram account now has over 3,000 followers, and Pixipic was featured in Idealog Magazine. That success is on top of the time and server resource savings we achieved through our site build. And the client – Eddie – was so impressed, he came and worked with us.

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