How it works

You tell us what you want to deliver, and we make it happen. We take care of everything, so whether you need developers, UI/UX designers, customer experience specialists, we have you covered. Plus the BBT team will ensure open lines of communication are in place to keep you updated as to how projects are progressing at all times.


  • Use our team to deliver a product, feature or project from beginning to end
  • We report to your team to keep you updated, but you leave the delivery of the project to us.
  • Using a BBT Team from project to project ensures you maximise your ROI and can capitalise on outstanding results.

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Our partnership model

Stay in control

Pick your team based on your technical needs, coding languages and company culture.

Transparent pricing

We’re here to be your trusted partner which is why we set out a transparent pricing model right from the get go.

You call the shots

We follow your direction – from tools, methodologies, and processes right through to your style and company culture.

We scale with you

Start as small or large as you like. We can scale up and down as your needs change.

Leverage our technical expertise to build innovative applications and scale your business

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