Upgrading the well-oiled machine

Mike Taylor | 30 October 2020
Building a Culture of Innovation at Work

Businesses must keep innovating if they wish to remain relevant going forward. The best way to achieve this? Start by fostering a culture of innovation in the workplace.

Digital transformations are about innovation. And innovation is an ongoing process (with no end in sight). And just as you’ve finished innovating one part of your organisation, another opportunity may reveal itself. 

When overhauling businesses practices to take advantage of emerging digital technologies, it’s your team and your workplace that will feel the impact of these changes the most. 

So in order to keep the transition as smooth as possible, it’s incredibly important to ensure that your team will be able to hit the ground running once these new technologies are implemented.  

 The absolute best way to prime your business and your employees for these and any future digital transformations is to promote a culture in the office that values and encourages innovation.

Easier said than done? Perhaps, but it doesn’t have to be a hugely technical process either (you’ll have enough of those to deal with once you start playing around with different digital technologies).  

Firstly, provide reskilling and upskilling for your staff when necessary. This will not only allow them to thrive alongside the new digital technologies that your business will be implementing into its processes, but it’ll also help your staff appreciate what innovation can do for an organisation. 

Internal communication is your number one tool when it comes to this initiative. Always be keeping your team in the know when making huge, business-changing decisions. And when making decisions regarding certain areas of the company, involve the relevant team members in the decision-making process itself (it’s reported that highly engaged employees yield 21% higher levels of profitability – so you’ll be doing your company a favour too). 

At BBT, we’ve found that by approaching every piece of innovation as a series of smaller steps towards a larger goal (as opposed to an instant total-overhaul) always leads to a much more successful end-result. 

The key is to test, test, and then test again. Every step of the way. 

Always be paying constant attention to the results of every small change you make – are you achieving your desired goals (be they more engagement, increased customer satisfaction, etc)?  

This process allows you to innovate in-sync with your customers’ wants and needs, and pivot quickly should trends suddenly change.

As the market continues to change over time, developing a workplace culture that’s willing to adopt new ways of improving the lives of clients is a workplace with staying power.

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