The Importance of Creating Original Content

Mike Taylor | 16 March 2018
The Importance of Creating Unique Content

If content is king. Original content is the Holy Grail. In today’s marketplace, your customers are screaming for exciting, engaging and entertaining original content. How important is creating original content? Well, take a look at the world of video streaming. There is now an arms race between the likes of Apple, Netflix and Amazon to provide us with the best original content possible. They are literally climbing over each other to create the next Stranger Things or Game of Thrones.

I’m not suggesting you buy stocks in Weta Studios or start talking to Brad Pitt’s agent about his availability for a 12-episode educational series. However, I am suggesting that content creation is becoming an increasingly important method of building your audience and driving sales. If you’re not already, your business should start considering it as a serious option.

I’ve racked my brain, conducted the research and come up with a few easy tips for building a strong content creation strategy.   


Who are you talking to?

The key to creating successful content is providing your audience with content that they can connect with. Customers don’t want to be spoken to, they want to be part of a conversation. For your business to capitalise on this original content movement, creating bespoke value-adding content is critical. Understand your audience. Are you talking to a bunch of hardened tradies or are you targeting corporate high fliers? Once this is pinpointed you’ll be able to tailor your content to them. There ’s no point in writing a blog about the latest trends in construction if you’re a high-end suit retailer. Create a message and an image that’ll resonate with your audience. So in the words of Mr T – “what you talkin bout fool”.


Match with your SEO strategy

Peanut butter and jelly, Harry and Ron and now SEO strategies and original content. Search engines still drive the majority of traffic to businesses so it’s essential yours isn’t lost in a sea of irrelevant words. A well-written blog or opinion piece on your website, that has a healthy injection of SEO content could be the secret weapon your business has been looking for. Obviously, it takes a little more than that to pull in the high rankings but once you’ve published a relevant and well-written piece, it’ll be a constant and everlasting source of traffic.


Be you, don’t be a salesman

The days of the loud and obnoxious salesman or cunning sales techniques are over. Today’s society is almost immune to companies pushing products or having ‘good’ deeds used as a way to increase sales. Content that is used to sell exclusively, is less effective than content that informs and inspire. We like to go by the 80% entertainment, 20% sales rule.

Creating effective content is all about using a tone of voice that is friendly, open and energetic. Every business has a unique tone. Find yours and use it to your advantage! Don’t try to be something you’re not, your audience will see right through you like a sheet a glass.  


Don’t be stingy

Now I’m not saying you need to match Apple’s $1 billion investment into creating content but don’t be afraid to invest in its success. With 60% of marketing and agency owners in the Asia-Pacific region believing content should be the main priority for business, expect your competitors to start budgeting for it.

However, be smart with your investment, a little bit can go a long way. So as you’re piecing together your businesses budget for the next 12-months, tuck away a competitive amount for content creation. Social media and email platforms make it easy for businesses to share content in very cost-effective ways. Investigate, play around and see what works best for you.


Get in front of the camera

Have you always dreamt of being in front of the camera? Research shows that video is the latest and greatest way to engage with your audience. As technology has evolved, we all carry a complete camera crew in your pockets. Yes, the iPhone or Galaxy S8 should be the weapon of choice for businesses. Creating a regular Vlog, Q&A or informative video is a great way to engage more with your audience. As video takes over, it’s time your business investigates this avenue.

A little side note, Facebook algorithms are heavily favouring Live videos currently. So invest in a tripod, dust on the make-up and smile. Video will become your best weapon in your content arsenal.  


So get out there, start writing, rehearse your lines and above all be yourself.