It’s tough at the top

Mike Taylor | 12 December 2019

Someone searches your company on Google. They’re going to find you straight away, right? Top dog. The big daddy. First up. Not necessarily. Yep, ain’t… Read More

Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s… a rebrand!

Mike Taylor | 18 November 2019

Facebook – sorry, FACEBOOK have gone for it. The rebrand.  ‘But they’ve just used upper case so it feels like they’re screaming at you.’ Well,… Read More

Come to the dark side

Mike Taylor | 22 October 2019

Scrolling through cat memes at 3am? You’re not alone.  Content never sleeps. And whilst our need for entertainment might, the urge to click, swipe’n’scroll is… Read More

Down the rabbit hole with meta robots

Mike Taylor | 29 September 2019

Oh, Google. You do like to keep us on our toes. Especially when it comes to SEO, or more specifically meta robots. Meta-what-now? A fair… Read More

Saying goodbye to the www

Mike Taylor | 27 August 2019

A white rectangle awaits your command. A blinking line that asks: What’s today?   Nothing. Anything. Everything.  So engrained into our everyday that it’s almost an… Read More

The deal with data

Mike Taylor | 16 August 2019

Unless voiced by David of the Attenborough variety, it takes a lot for a documentary to cut through and hit us where it hurts. It… Read More

As you like it

Mike Taylor | 25 July 2019
The American poet, Eden Ahbez once said ‘The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.’ Alas, old Ahbez... Read More

Email gets a much needed face lift

Mike Taylor | 30 June 2019
Our experience on the world wide webular has changed hugely over the past decade. No longer do we dwell in a land of static content,... Read More