Remarketing: The Smart Way to Target Your Audience!

Mike Taylor | 17 August 2018
Remarketing: The Smart Way to Target Your Audience

By now it’s probably something we have all experienced. You’ve been scrolling through Facebook or browsing a website when you notice an ad or a sponsored post showing the items you left in the cart last time you were online shopping.

The natural question you ask is, are they watching me? No! It is all thanks to a little cookie or pixel.

This is the process of remarketing and for businesses, it is the best way of targeting individuals who have engaged with their website but didn’t convert. Remarketing helps to drive these individuals back towards your website, strengthen brand awareness and ideally, will result in a higher chance of those targeted individual making a purchase.

It’s the old marketing rule of 7, your audience needs to see or hear your messages at least 7 times before they act. With remarketing we can blow that out of the water, we can hit them 7 times in a day!

If you’re wondering, how you can start reaping the rewards of remarketing, look no further.

Standard remarketing

If you’re looking for a good place to start your strategy, standard remarketing is ground zero. These remarketing messages include showing your target audience a catchy ad copy or a short video as they bounce between Facebook pages or on websites that facilitate remarketing ads.

We use this messages to drive our targets back towards specific sections of a website, whether this is to download an ebook or to promote a special deal. Essentially, it’s all about getting eyeballs back on your page!

Standard remarketing also allows you to target individuals who search for keywords on Google, Yahoo and any other common search engines.

Dynamic remarketing  

If you’re looking to splash a little bit of personalisation onto your remarketing strategy, this is just for you. Dynamic remarketing messages allow you to tailor ad copy and imagery specifically to match past interactions people have had on your pages.

Tailoring these messages based on the previous behaviours of visitors will only heighten the chances the ad will spark the interest for them to revisit your site.

So say you’re an online clothing store, if your website analytics show that Jimmy from Takapuna was interested in your pants but exited at the checkout; we are able to target Jimmy with ads that promote your pants. Maybe you have had a number of individuals reading the blogs on your website but haven’t sort further contact. We are able to create ads that draw those individuals back to your website to read more blogs or download an eBook.

By creating these dynamic ads, you are tailoring the ads to specific people and their needs. Which only increases the chances of them converting.

Email remarketing

Does your business’ website have features that encourage people to provide their email address? This can come in many forms, a contact form, a newsletter sign-up or one-off special deal. Getting people to voluntarily provide their email is one of the best ways to kickstart your remarketing.

Remarketing via emails is simple. It is essentially, reaching out to individuals who have visited your website, left their details but for one reason or another, didn’t convert.

Also known as lead nurturing, email remarketing allows you to send regular personalised messages to warm leads. eCommerce sites are wizards at this. We are all guilty of being sucked into sign-up for a monthly newsletter because we get ‘15% off’ our next purchase. Speaking from experience, this only increases the probability that I’ll end up buying from them.

If visitors can see that there is some benefit to providing their email address, they will be more than happy to. All you have to do is ask!

Search engine ads

If you have the capacity, using Google Ads to remarket based on keyword activity is arguably the best way to get an instant return on a remarketing strategy.

Search engine remarketing ads target leads who have been on your website and then searched specific keywords in Google at a later point in time.

While this approach involves a decent understanding of keywords and how to bid on them, it is a great way to shoot up the ad rankings and put your brand at the forefront of your target audience.

It’s the old marketing strategy, it’s easier to market to someone who has already expressed interest in your brand, then a newbie! That is why your business needs to start implementing remarketing into your marketing or business development strategy.

If you’re still scratching your head or your keen to get started, let’s talk!