7 months, 5 people and a whole lot of nudity. What is life really like at BBT?

Mike Taylor
In the months since BBT’s second birthday there’s been plenty of activity around the office. So think of this as the BBT version of the... Read More
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The art of saying sorry

Caroline Pic
Every so often, hopefully rarely, you will screw up. Your company twitter account will send a joke that’s a little too risqué, your website will... Read More
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So you’re on the marketing team – Stop pretending you’re a designer

Marsha Permadhi
Designers in general aren’t given to speaking up much. That’s what they have comms people for. Indeed, if finished products are what we’re going by,... Read More
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What is Brand?

Mike Taylor
Not the kind of mark you see on cows in old westerns – modern farmers don’t go in for branding so much these days, at... Read More
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Which social media platform is best for my business?

Mike Taylor
At the risk of stating the blindingly obvious: There’s a lot of social media out there on the internet. And all of it might be... Read More
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Internet Energy

Mike Taylor
A Google search costs nothing right? Well, apart from the bit of your privacy that Google tracks to use to sell you stuff. But there’s... Read More
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