How well is your website really working for your business? It probably ticks the boxes of providing simple brand information such as a bit about your company, the products or services you offer, and how to contact you. That’s a start, but in this online savvy world it’s probably not enough to really support your business to grow.


To get real value out of your website, you need visitors to your site to take an action – send you an email, call you, visit your premises, or purchase something through your online shop. If your website can’t convince website visitors to take such an action, it’s not worth the cost of keeping.


But, here’s the kicker, you can’t afford not to have a site either! A quick Google search will reveal a plethora of studies and statistics on just how many purchase decisions start with a Google search… if you can’t be found on Google you’re missing close to 90% of your possible market. Ouch – that hurts.


So let’s agree, having a website is a necessity – now the trick is to make it work hard for you.


Step one – ensure you have a modern, intuitive website. People judge you in seconds and your website is a reflection of your business. If your online presence isn’t design led, modern, and well put-together, then people won’t expect good things from your products or services either. 


BBT are a specialist website development company, providing the full remit of website services from custom ecommerce web development through to simple site updates or infrastructure support services.


Once your site accurately reflects your business, it’s time to make it work hard for your business. BBT can support or even lead your SEO and lead generation strategies, but recommend stepping these up slowly as we test and improve your website CRO (Conversion Rate Optimisation).


Step two – optimise your website’s conversion rate (aka CRO). CRO is the practice of getting visitors to your site to take specific actions like contacting you or buying. As the proportion of site visitors taking action increases, so too your CRO grows… and your bottom line.


BBT’s CRO experts look at the detailed behaviours on your website and help you tweak content and layout to get as many visitors taking action as possible. CRO is an iterative science that involves comparing the conversion rate on various pages and understanding what’s driving behaviour – is it the image, the heading, how easy it is to find the BUY button? As the CRO improves, you can start investing in more SEO  and lead generation activity with the confidence of having a website that actively works to convert those online leads into tangible business leads and sales.


Above all else, we exist to help you grow your bottom line. Contact us today to start a conversation about how we can use smart software and beautiful design to get your website humming.


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