It’s tough at the top

Mike Taylor | 12 December 2019
Search Ranking

Someone searches your company on Google. They’re going to find you straight away, right? Top dog. The big daddy. First up.

Not necessarily.

Yep, ain’t nothing easy in this life. The top ads may all well be ads bought by your biggest competitor. And what’s more? This isn’t banned by Google or Bing. It’s actually the name of the game with competitors bidding on a brand’s keywords to rank above the brand’s own website in the paid listings. Scandalous, we know.

And AdWords competitor targeting is just one element of the beast. A recent survey conducted by BrandVerity, an online protection company, found that 63% of consumers believe SERPs are ranked by either relevance or advertising spending, or that they just simply “don’t know” how ranking works.

Worth thinking about when you consider 54% of consumers trust websites at the top of search results more than others. That means you’ve got a big chunk of us out there out there clicking on the first result we see, not realising we’re clicking on a big, fat stinking ads.

Not ideal.

These rogue brands are in the game of quick commissions, looking to make bang for their buck. But the thing is, they’re having an impact. BrandVerity further reports that 52% of consumers say they’ll purchase a competing product because it “also appeared in the search results” amongst the specific brand of product they searched for.

The struggle is real.

Brands need to stay vigilant, checking in with their rankings daily. And if something is suspicious, you can report to Google and their team will look to review it. They’re pretty good like that.

Like anything, there are rules. Search and marketing experts (much like the ones we house here at BBT) are pros at this stuff and spend their days helping brands stay relevant and above their competitors in the rankings.

Because it’s a hefty world, ol’ search. Smart recommendations really do come from those who know the ins and outs. So learn what you can, stay in the know, and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Did we mention Asif?