There’s a growing divide about third-party cookies – while great for businesses and customised internet experiences, the concerns about data privacy and misuse are beginning to outweigh the benefits.

As business leaders, big changes are happening that have implications for every business including:

  • the phasing out of third-party cookies, which will limit your teams’ ability to effectively target marketing activity and cause your sales and marketing team to review your approach to customer acquisition.
  • changes to the NZ Privacy Act, meaning your business has a greater legal responsibility to secure and protect your data… and there are greater implications for failing to do so.
  • an increased focus on data will help your business’ bottom line – by taking control of your data and making it usable, you’ll start to see opportunities for improving business efficiency and your customer experience. 

First things first – know your data. Then protect it. If you’ve gone that far, you’re crazy not to make use of it… dashboards and reports that visualise your operational processes and customer interactions will deliver you all the intel you need to deliver bottom line results. 

What’s more, focusing on your customer interactions and the experience you’re actually delivering, will ensure you’re doing all you can to drive loyalty, repeat purchasing, and brand advocacy… and without third-party cookies, after-sales servicing is set to be a big influencer in your future business growth.

Read all the nitty-gritty detail in our ebook THIRD-PARTY COOKIES, then reach out to the experts at BBT when you’re ready to understand your customer journey and build that data strategy.

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