Is it a bird? Is it a plane? It’s… a rebrand!

Mike Taylor | 18 November 2019

Facebook – sorry, FACEBOOK have gone for it. The rebrand. 

‘But they’ve just used upper case so it feels like they’re screaming at you.’

Well, quite. But actually, the further we go down the rabbit-hole, the more we see the foundational behaviours and brand decisions made to try and save Mark Zuckerberg’s recent testimony around the company’s data management. 

Of course, the demand for brands to take control of what they stand for is nothing new. Yet, in times of crisis – can an overhaul of values and image save you?

Zuckerberg seems to think so, presenting his vision for the future of Facebook as “a privacy-focused messaging and social networking platform” with the new branding ‘designed for clarity, inspired by people’.

Today, we are using brands as the markers we use to make sense of life – businesses shouldn’t forget the gravitas of this. It isn’t always about making a stand – sometimes, it’s just about not being a dick. Being a good citizen. A stable pillar of society. A place to turn to in times of absurdity. 

Take a look at Gen Z. They aren’t necessarily loyal to brands, they’re loyal to the ideas those brands represent. The brands they choose are a reflection of the ideas in their world. And this is where getting to grips with who it is you are actually talking to is more vital than ever before. 

Understanding your audience data. 

Know what questions people are asking. 

Answering them in a way that stays true to your brand identity. 

Meaningful rebrands take some serious legwork.. It’s easy to get wrapped up in the “on-trend issues” – but it’s a pitfall you need to avoid. People want brands to engage in conversations that align with who they are, sure they do, but that has to come from a place of authenticity. If you’re faking, it’ll be easy to spot – hello the LGBT+ bandwagon.

To hit the right sweet spot, you should be talking and consulting with the communities you serve. 

That’s where your gold dust is. And that’s where your rebrand can start.