Hannah Tarbotton joins the BBT team as our Digital Campaign Performance Manager, responsible for optimising all digital activity and ensuring we’re helping clients grow by optimising their users’ experience online.

We’re excited to share Hannah’s expertise in digital media, optimisation and programmatic campaign management with customers. In this rapidly evolving space, having Hannah’s dedicated focus on optimising digital activity and customer journeys will ensure we’re always ahead of the curve when it comes to the most effective use of digital media.

For the last 6 years, Hannah has worked in the digital media space for global and local agencies across Auckland, Leeds and Yorkshire, with experience spanning automotive, retail, travel, and finance. 

Originally from Hull in England, Hannah moved to New Zealand in 2018 expecting to stay for just six months! Hannah loves the weather and scenery here, and describes herself as a ‘proper foodie’, so in her free time enjoys tasting the best of what Auckland’s food scene has to offer.

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