Digital has changed everything and it’s only going to continue!

Mike Taylor | 19 June 2018
Digital has changed everything

Digital technology really has changed our lives forever. Not too long ago, we actually needed to meet someone in person to date them, now there’s this thing called Tinder. We used to have to hail a Taxi or call up and book one, now we drop a pin and your Uber will be there in 3 minutes (surcharge is x3.6, “it’s a Saturday”).

Every little advancement, every little update, has been designed to make our lives easier. At BBT, we live in this digital space. We live and breathe it. Nothing gets us more excited than a new coding language or a new field of data we can derive from Facebook.

As we are at the forefront of this ever-changing digital world, we understand the power that the digital space plays in today’s business environment. We are always seeking to find new and exciting advancements that can help our clients grow into the industry leaders they aspire to be.

The digital world really is a marketers fantasy factory, the options are endless. Don’t believe me? See for yourself how everything has changed!

Can I speak to the manager, please?

Sometimes marketing your company or communicating with potential customers can be similar to throwing s**t at a wall and seeing what sticks. It’s a bit of a gamble. However, this has all changed.

Thanks to things like Facebook and Google Analytics, we are now able to pinpoint who we want to communicate with. It’s like jumping into a pool and hoping to hit the water – it’s guaranteed. We are now able to categorise our target markets and build tailormade messages for them, all for relatively cheap. Gone are the days of spending big on a full page ad in the hope that your target demographic will see it. You’re better off spending a fraction of that and building Facebook, LinkedIn or Google ads to target them directly.

LinkedIn has even taken it a step further! The geniuses over there, have built a nice little program called Sales Navigator. This allows you to search for desired individuals. For example, if we were looking to drum up more business, I could go in, search for key decision makers within a specific industry or companies and message them directly.

Literally, gone are the days of throwing your messages out there and hoping for it to land in the laps of the right people.

We can all play  

Marketing used to be simple; large companies with even bigger budgets usually dominated the marketplace. Because of this, there was limited choice for the consumer. But no more!

The marketing and advertising playing field is now much more even! Through the platforms mentioned above, it doesn’t matter how big your budget is or how big your brand is, as long as you’re in the game, you’re in the game!

Yes, the company’s with bigger budgets may still have a slight advantage but now generating positive results from your digital strategy is less about the dollars and more about skill and consistency.

Don’t lie to me

However, marketing in the digital world is a double-edged sword. That sword is public transparency. Today consumers want to know everything about a product or service and the company offering it.  

A loyal following and a strong brand are your biggest weapons in the current market. In a world where information is everywhere, for businesses to be successful and build a loyal following, they need to be consistent in their messaging and voice, and accountable for their mistakes.

It’s important as a brand leader you understand this. Customers want to be informed of the good and more importantly the bad. It’s always better that your customers hear negative news from you, instead of hearing it from a random blog or unreliable news report.

You may need to give something up

One of the negatives of the digital marketing revolution is that every man and his dog is involved. Because you don’t need a massive marketing budget and digital platforms make it easy to connect with customers, potential customers are constantly inundated with marketing messages. So much so, many will build up a tolerance to them and switch off, it’s called ‘ad blindness’.

This means marketers need to continuously evaluate their messages and ads. Arguably the traditional ads are dead… you need something else to make your ad stand out. You have to give the viewer something, in order to bring them in. It’s like fishing.

Giving them a free ebook, competition entry or even a free trial will help your ad cut through all the noise.

We are now in the thick of the digital age and I reckon we haven’t even scratched the surface. There are so many possibilities out there and it’s always going to evolve. In order to be effective digital marketers, we need to always have one eye on the current marketplace and the other on the horizon, watching what’s coming up.