Bullseye! Why keeping the customer front & centre is key.

Mike Taylor | 29 September 2020

Yeah, the new tech is nice and shiny, but keeping the customer’s needs front and centre at every stage of a digital transformation is crucial to your success. 

Customers are an accomplished bunch, aren’t they? They’re always right, they know best, and there’s a good chunk of society that exists solely to meet their every want and need. 

Of course, none of this is to be taken literally, but there’s a good reason these idioms have achieved such a staying power in business. 

The very existence of your company is predicated on your ability to meet and exceed the (ever-changing) expectations of your customers.

Digital transformations are no different. They exist simply to allow companies to keep up with changing customer needs.

Unfortunately, all too often this simple fact seems to get lost when companies decide to undergo a digital transformation.

Business leaders get caught up amongst the shiny new technologies now on offer to companies. With all the souped-up business models these digital technologies can offer, it becomes all too easy to focus on the benefits that the organisation itself will get once your digital vision is realised.  

Please, don’t do this.

Digital transformations exist because of the customer. So put the customer’s needs in the driver’s seat at every stage of the transformation. From every new process implemented, to all new digital products adopted. 

Because when you keep your customers as your number 1 priority, you’ll always be crafting a stronger relationship with them. And that’s never a bad thing.

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