When something is intuitive, it means you inherently know it’s right or true without having to consciously think about it. In the digital space, intuitive design means your online products and systems are easy to use. 


It sounds obvious, why wouldn’t you want an intuitive design? Yet when it comes to investing in company systems, websites and apps, the cost of having a clever design is frequently challenged. So, where should it sit in your budget priorities?


It’s proven that intuitive design has a very real impact on your bottom line. Firstly let’s think about your staff. If your internal digital systems are intuitive, then your staff are able to get their job done easily, without complicated training, without lots of manual error fixing, without constantly interrupting their colleagues for assistance. So, an investment to make your internal systems designed intuitively, saves your company money when it comes to training, team member efficiency, costly customer errors, and the overall job satisfaction of your staff.


Secondly, consider your customers. If they’re able to view your products online, and easily order items or amend their services, then they’re more likely to do these things… spending more with your company over the short and longer term. On the flipside, customers quickly get frustrated when things aren’t easy and will use poor experiences as a reason to look at your competitors. 


If you have an issue with your design it will show in your website analytics – look at where users drop off your site or stop interacting with the site. It’s an easy way to assess the effectiveness of your design and any problem areas.


A specialist ecommerce website development agency will provide insights into your customer base and your target market. By looking at other sites they frequently use, your web development company will be able to build familiar structures and tools into the design which help customers find what they’re looking for, and quickly complete their transaction.


When it comes to your internal systems, a great software development company will add value by helping you understand your processes and translating them into an intuitive digital system, removing any unnecessary steps and double ups along the way. They’ll be able to challenge your processes too, i.e. do your processes and systems support the way your customers intuitively interact with your company or do they add complexity and repetition? 


When you know your products and systems it can be hard to take a step back and view the experience for your staff and customers. Ask yourself if a person could complete a task or transaction without having to go back and fix things or ask for help. If you need help getting to this point, it’s worth paying for the experts – getting the design wrong can frustrate  customers and staff alike, leaving you with a bigger problem to deal with. If your digital systems are doing more harm than good, what’s the cost of not creating a more intuitive design?


At BBT, our software developers and website development teams look at the user interface in minute detail to ensure the process is clear (visibly obvious), and as direct as possible (the fewer steps/clicks the better). They’re knowledgeable when it comes to the user interface and the use of design to enhance rather than inhibit the user experience. 


Above all else, BBT exist to help you grow your bottom line. Contact us today to start a conversation about how we can use intuitive design to set you apart from the competition.


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