Are You Optimised for Success?

Mike Taylor | 17 September 2018
Optimising for success

Have you recently been looking at your marketing messages and thought to yourself, why aren’t they generating the traffic and results you’d like? If you’re nodding your head, why do you think that is?

Your branding may be on-point, the copy may be creative gold and you might have a small fortune behind it, but your digital strategy simply isn’t driving business.

The digital world really is awesome from a marketing and advertising perspective, however, its competitive nature is its major downfall. Now everyone, from the company that launched today to the heavyweights, are able to compete for your slice of the pie.

This means, in order to stand out we need to work smarter not harder. This doesn’t mean blowing everything up and starting from square one. It simply means taking a bit of time to go through your strategy to pinpoint parts that can be improved. How you may ask, let me show you.

Social media ads

Cat memes, gifs and fake news are just some of the wonders this ever-evolving platform has blessed us with. But they pale in comparison to the benefits they’ll provide your business if utilised properly.

Most companies now have an active company page on several social platforms and chances are they’ve dabbled in the paid advertising space. However, paid social media advertising is a whole nother beast. Thus, getting the most out of it requires a different approach.

In order to see tangible results from your social media advertising budget, make sure you are as specific and detailed as possible with every aspect. We now have the ability to target people right down to their favourite weekend hobby. If your company wants to talk directly to middle-aged, rugby-loving, accountants from the Naki, you can!!

However, be mindful that what works well for this audience may not work well for someone from Northland. So once you’ve clearly defined who you want to talk to, make sure you create bespoke messages that’ll hit each audience in the sweet spot.


It’s simple, the more people see your brand, the more likely they are to engage with you or remember you when they need you. What if I tell you we can now directly target people based on the previous behaviours or interactions with your brand.

It’s called retargeting and it’s possible thanks to a little tool called a pixel. Basically, this simple but awesome tool allows you to track visitor behaviour on your website or landing pages. Two major benefits of this, firstly, we get greater visibility over the journey your customers take while visiting your site. Everything from where they are clicking, how long they are active and whether they convert or not. Secondly, based on this visibility, we can funnel our marketing messages to them.

Ensuring that your brands marketing messages stays front and centre in the mind of your target audience.

Optimising your SEO

Search Engine Optimisation, a tool that’s highly important in today’s marketing world, but a tool that is seldom understood by most business owners. With search engines being the new Yellow Pages, you can’t afford not take this into consideration.

With SEO algorithms changing, what seems like every couple of months, there is one aspect that stays consistent, value. Your SEO ranking, will in large part always be determined by the value you are providing to visitors.

Google and other common search engine, track metrics such as time on page, which tells them how long visitors are sticking around for. The result, the more valuable your site, the longer people stay on it, the higher your SEO ranking.

Between sprinkling keywords throughout your website, creating value-adding blogs or articles or improving your site’s metadata, there are a number of ways to optimise your site. Next time you review or publish your site, review the copy to ensure it will shoot up the SEO ranking.

Your audience

People love brands they know and trust. It’s the reason household brands, are ‘household brands’. If you can build a loyal customer base built on trust your future marketing messages will be so much more impactful and wide reaching.

If you can get your customers to share their experience with your products, through photos, reviews, videos, blogs, the list goes on, you’ve got access to one of the best marketing tools.

Think of ways to encourage customer interaction, use a creative but specific hashtag or share customer stories. You’ll be happy you did!

We can no longer afford to turn on a marketing campaign and expect it’ll produce the result we desire. You need to actively monitor and adopt it as the campaign progresses, then you’ll start to see real results.