7 months, 5 people and a whole lot of nudity. What is life really like at BBT?

Mike Taylor | 2 September 2016

In the months since BBT’s second birthday there’s been plenty of activity around the office. So think of this as the BBT version of the Coffee News. Except much better designed.


New People

Since February, we’ve had six new staff join the team.

First was Moli, who has come on board as a developer and been immediately hit with enough work to keep him from sticking his head above the parapet. However he says his favourite thing to do is whatever he’s working on, so we assume he’s happy.

Then there’s me (Jack), a communications manager who lives primarily off diet coke. I’ve been tasked with making sure the words coming out of BBT are at least grammatically correct.

Zeus arrived to plenty of Greek mythology jokes and has quickly proved himself to be something of a coding god. He’s introduced a new way of measuring the difficulty of a job by number of hairs he’s likely to lose over it, which has been taken up by everyone but Mike (for obvious reasons.)

Marsha has moved from contract to working for BBT full time, an occasion which demanded cupcakes (or at least, Marsha demanded cupcakes.) She has quickly taken up a number of new projects, none more punishing than BBT’s site itself. The rest of us are delighted because not only do we have a permanent designer, we also have a guide to all the best restaurants in Auckland.

Because the cat-herding that is management at BBT was getting out of hand, we’ve brought in Caroline, who has quickly been brought up to speed on the inner workings of the office. Originally from Paris, Caroline is now ruling over the studio with an iron fist – whatever it takes to get the boys to actually fill in our timesheets every day.


New Website

If you’re reading this, our new website has launched. Like a builder whose home is never finished, we were a digital agency with a less-than-stellar web presence. But no longer! We’ve all had fun posing for photos (discovering Evrhoy is ridiculously photogenic) and divulging our deepest secrets for our profiles. The design was a collaborative effort which required only a moderate amount of bribery to get done on time, and we’re all very proud to show off the work we’ve been doing.


BBT watches GoT

There’s very few things which will drive us into the office on a stat holiday, but Game of Thrones will do it – twice! Marsha, Karan, Evrhoy, and I are all up on the politics of Westeros, even if we can’t always keep up with all the characters (who’s that guy and why does it matter if they hang him?)

We have learned some valuable lessons through our team GoT viewings, namely:

  • If someone seems happy, they’re probably going to die.
  • Being a main character won’t protect you from death (but it does greatly improve your chances of getting better afterwards.)
  • If you don’t see someone die on screen, they’re probably going to reappear after a season.
  • Being clever keeps you alive much better than being muscular.
  • There’s definitely a nudity quota.



But watching gratuitous boobs and violence isn’t all the team bonding that goes on at the BBT office. For nothing draws us together quite so much as our love of food. Every Friday the team goes out for lunch, trying different eateries around the central city, and out into the inner suburbs. We have been blown away by the poutine at Al’s Deli, the halo halo at Boracay, and the sheer quantity of food given to us at Shefco.

So far any suggestion of revisiting our favourites has been vetoed in favour of expanding our culinary horizons. Yes, we take recommendations, and we’ll gladly name drop you in exchange for a free lunch.