Saying goodbye to the www

Mike Taylor | 27 August 2019

A white rectangle awaits your command. A blinking line that asks: What’s today?   Nothing. Anything. Everything.  So engrained into our everyday that it’s almost an… Read More

The deal with data

Mike Taylor | 16 August 2019

Unless voiced by David of the Attenborough variety, it takes a lot for a documentary to cut through and hit us where it hurts. It… Read More

As you like it

Mike Taylor | 25 July 2019
The American poet, Eden Ahbez once said ‘The greatest thing you’ll ever learn is just to love and be loved in return.’ Alas, old Ahbez... Read More

Email gets a much needed face lift

Mike Taylor | 30 June 2019
Our experience on the world wide webular has changed hugely over the past decade. No longer do we dwell in a land of static content,... Read More

What we could all learn from Jack in Titanic

Mike Taylor | 18 June 2019
Jesus. Hodor. Jack in Titanic. The poor bastards had it rough, didn’t they? And whilst I’m not talking about being able to fit onto a... Read More

Frankly my dear, I don’t gif a damn

Mike Taylor | 31 May 2019
We’re living in the age of visual communication. That’s a given. Where we might once have settled for a simple ‘thanks Geoff, see you tomorrow... Read More

Look who’s talking

Mike Taylor | 27 May 2019
I’m human. Aren’t I? You’re reading words spouted out of a fully-fledged chunk of flesh. You’re sure? Absolutely sure? No niggling doubts? No bots in... Read More

$26 Million Down the Drain: When SEO Goes Wrong

Mike Taylor | 17 April 2019
When you think about what makes a website successful, what is the first thing that comes to mind? Chances are SEO is one of the... Read More

Don’t Get Suck in Your Ways

Mike Taylor | 11 April 2019
Late last month, we all woke to the news that Apple had dropped another big announcement. Personally, I was hoping they were finally making a... Read More

SSL Certificates: Why You Need to Get Yours Sorted

Mike Taylor | 18 March 2019
Your website is now the hub of your business. It is often the first place potential customers find you and it is the place where... Read More